"A holistic solution for astrologers"

Astrology Software


Key Features

Natal Chart and Transit Chart
  Uranus, Neptune and Pluto planets can be included in chart
  12 Types of division of houses (Default: Placidus)
  Planets and Cusps are displayed accurate to the arc of a second
Planet Position and Cusp Position
  Position accurate to the arc of a second
  Sign Lord, Star Lord, Sub Lord and Sub Sub Lord
Dasa, Bhukti, Antra and Sookshma Details
  Easy Tree View Tracking
  With Significators and Interlinks
General Significators
Prime Significators
Cuspal Sub Lord Significators
Cuspal Sub Lord Interlinks
Natal Ruling Planets and Transit Ruling Planets
Balane of Dasa at birth time and present
Horary (1 to 249)
Tithi Pravesha Calculator
Dasa Progression Chart
Marriage Matching with traditional 10 point check (10 Poruthams)

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